Why E-learning Games are the Perfect Learning Tools for Sales Professionals

The sales force of a company is one of the important pillars on which the company stands. No matter how good a product or service a company offers, without its sales force, it would be difficult for these products and services to penetrate the market. Thus proper training of the sales professionals is an absolute necessity. And business organizations have realized the importance of this. However, the job of a sales professional is different from other office jobs, and it may involve traveling and meeting clients. So the training for the sales force should also be tailored accordingly.

E-learning games for mobile devices as a method of corporate training strategies has been around for some time. And I won’t be wrong saying that this is the perfect training methodology for sales professionals. This is because the job of a sales professional is a tough one, which may involve extensive traveling. This gives him little time in the office and hence he is not able to access the company’s systems for attending the training programs.

E-learning games for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets ensure that the sales professionals can access the training programs anytime anywhere, be it while traveling or while waiting for the client or customer. Thus, they can undergo the training programs with ease, without having to worry about time and space.

Sales people are not the normal office-going employees. They are hired for just one purpose – driving sales and achieving the targets. Any corporate strategies and processes not related to sales do not interest them. So, when e-learning games for mobile are created for their training, it should be kept in mind that the knowledge that they gain from the game should be relevant to their work and help them deal better with clients and customers. Only then will they be motivated to undertake the course.

New product launches and refresher training are events that can be a pain for sales people. They are bombarded with training materials that may involve books, PDFs, and online courses. In spite of having content that can help them increase their efficiency on the field, they find the task excruciating. Incorporating e-learning games for mobile in the training process can help garner their interest and help them acquire the required knowledge with relative ease. Learning with the help of e-learning games can also help them retain the information for a longer period of time.

E-learning games for mobile devices can also simulate real life situations wherein the sales people are given different situations that may arise in the field. He has to make calculated decisions taking various factors into consideration. These type of games can improve the analytical capabilities of the sales professionals and help them make the right decisions when it comes to actual scenarios.

E-learning games for mobile can include leaderboards, which will display the points and rankings of the sales employees. This will lead to a healthy competition among them and encourage them to undertake the learning tasks with more zeal.

Gamification of corporate training has helped organizations shape up unique training methods for their sales people. These e-learning games for mobile have helped in shaping up a new type of sales force that is more informed and is more competent in handling complex issues that arise in the marketplace.



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